The Doctor Walks Among Us

Hello, all!

The Action Hospital has been slowly but surely plugging along. We’re now in the middle of our third issue being released. The wonderful Clay Murrell is doing a bang up job on the illustration. That guy’s a beast. Look at his work. Simply amazing.

While we’re releasing Clay’s Mallory Sloane issue, Robert Negrete, has finished issue four of Action Hospital! Which will see the return of Younger, the vine walker.

Meanwhile I’ve been working on my next Joan issue which will see the debut of a new faculty member at the Action Hospital. One Dr WalksAmongUs. Check out some in progress pages!



1798883_10152278130896694_890634917_n 1013507_10152276050341694_286503639_n

1888746_10152277792591694_1789326962_n 1002204_10152273889356694_557422444_n

1795654_10152276068421694_711390331_nTill next time!



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