My God! He’s Done It!

Don’t Shit Yourself In The Spotlight 

When you’re making comics with someone, or pairing up with anyone to do anything creative, it’s immediately apparent who is serious and who isn’t. Sometimes it can feel like you’re in an old-time jailbreak movie, and when the spotlight is trained on you by the potbellied tower guard, your first impulse it to shit your pants. It’s important that you find people to work with who have than impulse but then start sprinting for the wall.

You need to be a team. Two matching black and white be-jumpsuited creators desperately struggling against the confines of life and the realities of the comic book industry.

The key to creating interesting work is finding someone who is actually interested in creating something. That seems like a pretty self evident statement. But you’d be surprised how many people are ‘trying’ to do something without ever really trying. They just have the identity of struggling against something. And when those ideological barriers are torn down? They go crazy.

That’s why it’s important to find people who want to make cool things, not be seen making cool things. There’s a massive difference.


Robert Negrete is one of those people. He’s dtf. He’s down to fly. He’s got the skills, his bags are packed and he’s ready to rock and roll.


He’s been doing some really interesting things on both his tumblr and deviantart pages. The work that he’s  creating has been marvelous as of late. I may be a little biased due to my close personal relationship and the fact that I’ve been writing the stuff that he’s been drawing lately, but whatever. That’s irrelevant. Just look at his awesome drawings, man.



Look how awesome that little plant monster is! How dope is that? All I had to do was say, “Robert, draw a plant monster eating a bowl of cereal and he draws the best super intelligent plant moster ever. This is why comics rocks. Super intelligent plant people.

Be sure to check out his website too. He’s got some really nice pieces on there.


The Micron Is Mightier Than The Sword

I’m starting to ink my Action Hospital pages. I should have something cool to show you soon.


The title for this post comes from Doc Frankenstein #1. 5 points if you somehow guessed that.


Until Next Time,

Dave Baker

Hollywood, California 2013

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